Breastfeeding Consultations

I am pleased to offer postpartum breastfeeding consultations in the comfort of your OWN home.

Breastfeeding Consultations: What can you expect?

  • timely consultation
  • a thorough breastfeeding assessment, including weighing your baby with electronic scales
  • support, health education, a written feeding plan if needed
  • all your questions/concerns addressed
  • a plan for follow-up; either via a second consultation and/or email progress updates for the next few days
  • collaboration/communication with your health Care Provider IF needed/requested


$150 for  initial consultation. IF a second consultation is required/requested, the total fee is $250. Fee includes ongoing email/text/phone support for the next several days to ‘check in’ and provide additional ‘cheerleading’. (Clients are encouraged to check with their private health insurance coverage; as I am also an RN, your insurance MAY reimburse you for ‘Nursing Services’)

Please contact me here.