philosophyPhilosophy: Breastfeeding is the natural progression from conception to pregnancy …. to labour and delivery of your beautiful baby. A mothers’ body is designed to breastfeed and nourish her baby. Having said that, breastfeeding is about more than nutrition …. It is essential for attachment, trust, and comfort for your baby.

Providing breastmilk to your baby lays the foundation for BEST health …. for mother and for baby.

It is Next Step’s philosophy to assess YOUR needs, to work with YOUR goals, and to empower YOU to succeed!

Every mother/baby pair is unique and will be customized for YOUR situation.

I choose to listen actively, to provide hands on assistance, if needed, and to guide you toward the best possible outcomes. I also believe in no or little intervention; so the sooner an issue is addressed, the chances to improve the situation are much greater. I firmly believe in continuing to ‘cheerlead’ you after the consultation, with emails/texts etc …. I will actively involve your partner/support person too!